Is Life Worth Living?

Good question.

I believe in Jesus… so you’d expect a religious answer. But I don’t. This question has been hunting me.

Why am I here? What is my purpose?

But I have come to believe that life is worth living… even if it doesn’t seem like it. You were born for a reason. Sure, you can’t see it right away… but you have one. We all do.


Little Brothers.

Sure, they can be the most annoying things on the planet. (Besides math homework). My brother talks…WAY TO MUCH! Argh! And I get in trouble for telling him to stop or be quiet! ME, the one being annoyed gets in trouble, asking him to shush!

Sure, they can be super annoying… but I have to say live would be boring without them. There I said it… hope he don’t read this… or I’ll never here the end.