Is Life Worth Living?

Good question.

I believe in Jesus… so you’d expect a religious answer. But I don’t. This question has been hunting me.

Why am I here? What is my purpose?

But I have come to believe that life is worth living… even if it doesn’t seem like it. You were born for a reason. Sure, you can’t see it right away… but you have one. We all do.


January 4, 2015. Heads Up.

School is starting tomorrow. 😦

So posting may slow down. But I will try to post every Saturday and Sunday. 🙂

You can wait can’t ya?

Little Brothers.

Sure, they can be the most annoying things on the planet. (Besides math homework). My brother talks…WAY TO MUCH! Argh! And I get in trouble for telling him to stop or be quiet! ME, the one being annoyed gets in trouble, asking him to shush!

Sure, they can be super annoying… but I have to say live would be boring without them. There I said it… hope he don’t read this… or I’ll never here the end.