Public Schools, the infulance it can have on us, kids.

What she’s homeschooled, how would she know?!

Well, this is only my second year being homeschooled, so yeah, I think I would know! I was bullied, ug, it was horrible! I didn’t want to go! All I saw was a place that I didn’t belong, a place that wasn’t for me, a place…a place that kids go to make fun of the misfits, the smart kids.

And to make matters even worse, my teachers praised me! They always say ‘how good I did’ or ‘too follow her lead.’


They make me so angry I could;

And lastly…YOU WOULDN”T BELIEVE WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT AT LUNCH!! ‘Oh, that boy is sexy,’ or, ‘Oh, that girl is a lesbian!’ I never even heard of a lesbian before in my whole life, and I could have lived without it!! You wouldn’t believe what a girl could learn be listening to the kids at lunch!

School is horrible…public schools! You can learn all the crap that’s out they in 30 minuets! (Oh, and one thing…I LEARNED THE WORD CRAP…WHAT FOR IT…WHAT FOR IT…AT…A…PUBLIC…SCHOOL


A Long Way from Safe. Part 5.

“You what?!”

“Sorry, sir… we’ll get her,” his men replied.

“I don’t know why I haven’t burned you to death yet!” He raged.

“Cause you’re a nice, guy,” one suggested.

“Hm. Yes, that must be it, except I killed a 16 year old girls mother without a second thought! Do nice guys do that?!” He continued. No answer. “I thought so. Now, GET HER!!” He roared.

The men hurried off.

“Got another one!” Natasha ran over, and began to read the new message, then stopped. “What?!” Zack asked.

“It’s… addressed to… me,” she informed. The other stared, wide eyed.

“So, what does it say?!” Jessica persisted. She read it then looked at them,

“Short response. If I don’t show up in front of the NCIS building they’re going to destroy the whole city,” she summarized. She walked to her desk and started ripping paper into long strips. Walt came over, and put his hand on her shoulder, she began to cry softly. “I…I-I don’t know what to do…I… …why did I have to be a maiden? Why did she have to die! Why couldn’t they leave us alone? Why me Walt… why… why me?” She sobbed.

He hesitated. “I-I don’t know, Natasha… but I know you should, follow your heart.” He sounded like her mother, which made her feel better.

“What if I make the wrong choice?”

“Then you work you way back to the right place,” he answered.

“Natasha! Its for you!” Jackson said handing her the phone.

“Hello, Natasha. I hope to finally see you, even though it will be the last thing you do, you have until tomorrow, hope you’re ready, or the people will pay!” The line went dead. She had recognized the voice but from were, when, why?

“Who was it?” They all asked.

“Him. The maiden sending the massages, I have until tomorrow.” She answered.

This was something she had to do, this could end it, end it all, her life, or the chase… but there was something about that voice that sounded so… no! It couldn’t be he isn’t a maiden! But it sure sounded like him… ‘You will have to face a person you know, my daughter, it will be the biggest test you will ever have, you must pass it you must, or the humans are doomed, you most…’ her mothers words rushed through her head, what if it is him? Her head was clouded, she could understand anything, her past seemed to take a new, confusing meaning, everything that looked like chance and bad luck was…destiny, and seemed to all have a purpose all but her mother’s death, why did it happen, was it really just bad luck, or was it suppose to happen, why? She was so confused it hurt.

“So, what are you gonna do?” Jackson asked.

“I’m gonna face him!” She announced.

Another Week, Gone.

Any other 7 days of life, another school week over. I’m still alive, while somebody else is dead, a person who didn’t late another week. I’m thankful for being alive, even if I only have a week to live. A week to learn from, a week of success in a goal, a week of fail in a goal, a week of happiness, a week of sadness, a week of fun, a week of boredom. Whatever you week was, you lived a whole week, you would leap for joy, ‘I’ve lived another 7 days, good or bad, I’m still alive, I’m still breathing, can still feel the wind blowing, the sun on my skin, I lived 7 days, doesn’t matter what happened, I’m still alive!’

A Long way From Safe. Part 4.

“Well, what does it say?” Sal asked.

“They are threatening all of D.C,” she finally continued. They all looked at her, shocked.

“Wait… we’re in D.C!!” Jessica panicked.

“As well as the president, congress, senate, and NCIS!” Zack reminded.

“What are we gonna do, Walt?” Jackson asked. He shrugged. Natasha hadn’t told them everything on that message, the rest was… personal, about her mom, things she didn’t understand, things about… her… the massage wasn’t finished. She was wondering what it could be, when her chain of thought was interrupted by Walt.


“Sorry, what were you saying?” She asked.

“What do you think? What should we do, you are a maiden,” he repeated.

“Well, I have an idea who these guys are, the same men chasing me, if so they’re are human and maiden, so we’ve got our work cut out for us,” she replied headed for her work place. Sal walked up to her, she was a behaviorist, and can tell what a person is thinking through their body language.

“Is there something you feel like talking about?” She asked.

“Um, no. Why?” She answered not looking from the computer screen.

“Come on you’re a 16 year old girl who lost her mother, was abandoned by her father, and is being chased around be a group of crazy people! You’ve got to talk to somebody!” She persuaded.

“Please, Sal, I know you mean well, but I don’t want to talk about it… you wouldn’t understand anything, anyway,” she replied. Sal nodded and walked away. Natasha looked at the picture of her and her mom which served as her lock screen, she looked at it for a long time, wonder how things would be if she was here, she missed her loads, so much it felt like her heart was in her knees. “What would she do?” She whispered to herself.

A Long way From Safe. Part 3.

She took another step back. “Natasha… just listen to me, I know its only been two weeks since your mother, died, but this is important,” Walt answered.

“Really, he was there, Walt! He stopped the search for the killer! What is so important that he cares for a maiden, now?” She raved. Sal gave Jackson a twenty dollar bill, with an annoyed expression. The man hadn’t said a word, only gave Walt a face.

“Natasha…” he didn’t know what to say. She looked at him, and remembered what her mom had told her concerning him, you trust who he trusts, you listen to him like you listened to me, please promise me, please. She snapped out of it.

“What do you want?” She asked the man.

“I’m agent Zack Marks, of Homeland Security. We got a massage from the group of terrorists, but it is in the maiden language, so we want you to translate for us, can you?” He answered. She nodded. He showed her the computer with the massage on it, she stared at it having more memories, but snapped out of it quickly, she began to read, then stopped at a word, then keep reading. She looked at the others.

“Its not a ‘I want to be your friend,’ letter,” the others just stared waiting for the rest. She hesitated, searching for the right word, words are everything, what to say? She thought.

A Long way From Safe. Part 2.

It had taken more time then she wanted too, she had just ripped a piece of her dirty shirt and wrapped it around here lower right leg, and tied it tight, to stop the bleeding.

Good thing Jessica could tell me what to do in these types of problems. She thought to herself. She took a few steps then grimaced. A cell rang, she grabbed it quickly, looked who it was an answered.

“I know, I know, but you have to come to the warehouse, now!” A male voice called.

“Ok, I could use Jessica’s assistance anyway, but you are gonna need to pick me up, they’ve gotten better shooters,” she replied.

There was a long silence on the other end, “Ok, Jackson’s gonna pick you up.”

About 30 minuets a black government vehicle stopped in front of her, she started to run when a voice called to her, “Natasha, its me Jackson! Come one, Walt, is waiting… it sounds important.” She ran in.

“May I ask why are we in a government vehicle?” She asked. He just smiled. Jackson is the type who finds a joke or game in everything, often getting in trouble with Walt for.

“Well,” he began, “We’ve got a job! We work for Homeland.” He could see her face, he flinched, then she began to laugh.

“Hey guys!” She called.

They all looked up from what they were doing. “Wow… you look like crap,” Jessica said looking her over.

“Yay, I missed you to Jessica,” she replied. She looked at Walt. “So what’s so important?”

They all just stared at her with faces of worry. She was getting annoyed.

“Walt? Is she here yet?” A voice she didn’t know called down from the upper floor.

“Yes, she’s here!” Walt called back. She looked at Jackson, he just stood there, whispering something to the other member of the group, Sal. The man came do the stairs, and Natasha recognized him automatically, she took a step back.

“What is he doing here?” She asked.

A Long Way from Safe.

“Get her!” A male voice ordered him men. She was running up those stairs so fast, she could have broken the record. Her mind was whirling, she couldn’t understand why, she had be through this for five months, maybe it was because it was week two she’s been doing it without her mother.

She was, at some time injected with a deathly infection called ‘fire,’ yup, ‘fire.’ She was an ice maiden, so fire is a deathly infection to her, and on Wednesday, March 31, 2029, Flora Jackson’s her  human name, Glaciers her real, maiden name, died.

But what about her father, you may ask… well, he left her, her father is human, she counts him lucky, so he went to marry a human family leaving her to die, but of course she didn’t or else we wouldn’t be here, it had been two weeks, two of the longest weeks of her whole 16 years alive, the only person she ever really loved, and the only person who ever loved her, except for her friends… right, they were killed 50 years ago. I know it makes no sense, she doesn’t understand it either, she was born on a space station 50 years ago, and is only 16, well she’s a maiden human logic can’t understand maiden lives.

So there she was ‘cornered,’ again for the thousandth time in her life… that she was old enough to remember anyway, they now had her at gun point. “Ok, Natasha give it up, we have you cornered.” One called.

She just stared, thinking what would mom say? “No, I have you cornered,” she remembered. They looked at each other, just as she wanted them to, she moved toward the nearest window, and slowly pulled up the glass, hoping it wouldn’t make any noise, but of course with her luck, it did. She lifted it quickly and jumped, three shots were fired, one of them hit her on her lower right leg, she yelled in pain, this canceled out her usually landing on twos landing so it was time to improvise, she landed on her good leg and left hand. She looked up and stuck out her tongue, and limped away, hoping they wouldn’t follow, but just to be safe she turned herself invisible.

Yup. Its official I’m far from safe. She thought to herself.