Public Schools, the infulance it can have on us, kids.

What she’s homeschooled, how would she know?!

Well, this is only my second year being homeschooled, so yeah, I think I would know! I was bullied, ug, it was horrible! I didn’t want to go! All I saw was a place that I didn’t belong, a place that wasn’t for me, a place…a place that kids go to make fun of the misfits, the smart kids.

And to make matters even worse, my teachers praised me! They always say ‘how good I did’ or ‘too follow her lead.’


They make me so angry I could;

And lastly…YOU WOULDN”T BELIEVE WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT AT LUNCH!! ‘Oh, that boy is sexy,’ or, ‘Oh, that girl is a lesbian!’ I never even heard of a lesbian before in my whole life, and I could have lived without it!! You wouldn’t believe what a girl could learn be listening to the kids at lunch!

School is horrible…public schools! You can learn all the crap that’s out they in 30 minuets! (Oh, and one thing…I LEARNED THE WORD CRAP…WHAT FOR IT…WHAT FOR IT…AT…A…PUBLIC…SCHOOL


Thor the Dark World. [139/ 150]

It was a good movie. But Thor working with Loki I mean come on! Loki tried to kill him in the ‘Avengers!’ Also Jane going to Asgard, really? Then the Asgardians have the same tech as us, they just name it differently, that was funny.

But I liked how they brought up, ‘New York’, (The events that occurred in The Avengers.) But the movie was predictable. Also, at the end Thor tells his ‘father,’ that he doesn’t want the throne, but as he leaves it turns out to be Loki…I saw that coming, didn’t Thor learn his lesson back in The Avengers?!

Still this movie was good, but no movie is perfect…

A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 10.

She was looking around, leaves have turned and were falling of the trees, the air smelled fresh… she took a deep breath, she smiled. It was like nothing she had ever experienced in her whole life, she felt like she belonged, a feeling she had never felt in her life.

Tails liked to look at the island, he wondered if they get lonely, and how they could get alone if they were so different?

“Tails they’re most likely fine!” Sonic said.

“I know,” he answered. “Don’t you wonder, I mean a human and a hedgehog getting alone?” Sonic nodded. It was interesting.

Eggman was so mad he couldn’t thing straight.

“That human, where did she come from? She is… remarkable…extraordinary… ‘an ultimate life form…’ no… she… he… they… they can’t be!” He started flipping through a book, “Yes, yes… oh, this is my lucky day, thank you grandfather! I own them both!” He laughed.

Shadow felt a feeling he couldn’t find the words for. His head began to ache, he vision blurred, he felt a sharp pain rushing through him, suddenly he started having memories of his last few minutes on the Ark. He groaned. He felt a hand touch him, at that very moment he vision cleared, the feeling disappeared, as did the pain. He saw Mirlinda’s face.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“…I…I…think…yes,” he stammered. Seeing his friend’s worry, “Mirlinda, I’m… I’m fine, really I am!”

Eggman was preparing to capture the two, he brought Metal Sonic along… just in case. “I’ll get them this time!” He laughed.

Maleficent. [100/150]

Would have left this story alone! The movie has a very bad message; betrayal, revenge, magic, evil…I have nothing else to say… the actors did a good job, though.

The movie as in HD, sound, acting… great! But it takes more then those things for me to like a movie.

Paddington. [145/150]

I just got home form watching this movie! I was laughing so hard, I thanked God the room was pretty much empty!

But the movie was predictable. The message was great! It was kinda short for a movie, though.

I took away some points because that was the stupidest villain I’ve ever seen! Even worse than the Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland!

In the end the movie was very good. 🙂

A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 9.

“Seriously… where are they?” Sonic asked again. They shrugged.

“You should be heading back. Your friends are looking for you,” Mirlinda suggested. Tails nodded. They walked to the shore, then Mirlinda stepped on the water and it rose up. Tails hesitated at first but then he followed. He couldn’t believe it, she did walk on the water, she froze it on the top of it and walked on that! He looked down, the ocean looked normal, he could see the tops of the trees that made the woods around their hideout. Tails lead Mirlinda through the woods, soon a clearing came into view, Mirlinda stopped.

“Go on, I wait until your friends might you,” she said. He looked at her, then walked toward the clearing.

“Hey, guys!” He called.

“Tails!” They said with glee, running over. Tails looked back. Mirlinda smiled, and waved, then dashed off.

“Who was that?” Knuckles asked.

“Mirlinda,” Tails answered. His friends gave him blank faces. “The human,” he finished.

“So… what are they like?” Sonic asked.

“Kinda like us. Best friends,” he informed. “Oh and the hedgehog… Shadow… has a Chaos Emerald!”

“What?!” The others asked in utter shock.

“I know! I think he used it to blow Eggman’s base!” He continued.

“We did the right thing, Shadow,” Mirlinda said. Shadow nodded. He felt a odd feeling… happy. He couldn’t understand why, all he did was rescue a kid and make sure he got back to his friends, what was the big deal?

How To Train Your Dragon 2. [148/150]

Well DreamWorks sure took their time about it! I was waiting forever! The movie was great!!!!

The characters looked so good!! The dragons as well, Drago was the ultimate villain! Hiccup finds his mom, a family reunited! The movie was going great then…BOOM…Stoick dies! NOOOO! The family was suppose to be together! It took 20 years for them to find each other, and about 5 minutes to be separated…permanently!! GRRR! 

Still the movie was great! Now with Hiccup as chief season 3 is going to be interesting. I took away two points for killing Stoick, though. 😦