Fear and Anger.

I have anger problems, and this is what my father told me once, “Mary, anger is one letter away from danger.

Well, I guess anger is dangerous, take it from someone who can’t really forgive and forget, but keeps it all bottled up inside, getting angrier by the year. It makes you rude, always on guard, as in you always have to defend yourself when someone says something about of too you. Live is very hard, in fact I can’t talk to other people! I can’t say hi to people, and when my brother and father or mother say hi to some while walking with me, I get butterflies in my stomach, and lower my head without even thinking it a natural reaction!

The thing I fear is the people being me too me! (Even though I’m pretty mean myself. I don’t try to, I just do it without thinks… like a instinct!)

But fear is something that you tell yourself is scary.That’s what my father told me, its not the meaning from the dictionary. So I have to stop telling my self my biggest fear is other people. Thin it will no long be my fear. That’s just the way it works!

(Your brain learns by repetition).