A World where Money doesn’t exist.

A world were money doesn’t exist…I know that sound horrible, but just hear me out. You might change your minds!

Why do people steal food?

Because the can’t BUY food.(As in with money).

Why do people steal… anything?

Because the need it or want it but… don’t… have… the…MONEY!!!!😒

So imagine a world were no one had ever heard of seen money, as in money was never invented!  People just take what they need and just walk out, no lines no payments nothing just in get what’s needed and out… simple. No need for robberies. We could help the people in Africa, you know places that need a little helping hand. Just get on the airplane, or boat, bring what the people need there that’s all you need to do no money handling, bills… nothing.

Now, grownups what is you biggest worry? Paying bills, mortgage, everyday expenses, your child’s collage education?

Well, what is the same about all those things? Money!!!!

…I rest my case.


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