Thoughts about life. What We Watch.

Does what we watch affect us?
Yes! (I learned this the hard way).

What we watch can affect us! This is how our brain works, with repetition things may enter from your short term memory, to your long term.

So, if you watch a show with loads of curse words, sooner or later you will be repeating those very words! (That is how I have a habit of saying, ‘crap’). Some things my stay in your children’s heads, this contaminations can greatly affect your children’s lives, through dreams, (turning them into nightmares!)

I believe that the main source of bad things is from a TV. The news, the shows, the movies. Ya, social media, YouTube and all the things on the internet doesn’t help ether, but what do kids spend their time on the most? Watching TV!

…I rest my case.