Thoughts about Life. (Ancient Greeks).

When you hear the name Ancient Greeks, what comes it to your head?

Greek mythology, democracy, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Greece’s geography, or the Dark Age?

Well, let’s start with the basics: Greece’s geography. The Greek peninsula was covered with mountains, so the Greeks formed separate city-state. They relied on the sea for trade, food, and transportation. The Athens for example had a strong navy, which came in handy for the war vs. Persia.

On the other hand, the Spartans has a super powerful army…in fact the army was so strong the city didn’t need walls!! Sparta and Athens were both important city-states, and often fought one another. There governments, and daily life were very different. For example; the Spartans were ruled by two worrier kings, and the Athenians were a democratic government…like the US. The Spartans focused on building a great army so when the boys became seven years, they were taken from their mothers, and put into the archives for training to become a solider.

The Athenians weren’t that ‘desperate’ to have a strong army of navy, they valued other things like; arts, philosophy, festivals etc. Famous philosophers, Socrates, and Plato lived in Athens. But the Athenians killed Socrates, for believe that he was dishonoring the gods, because he taught his students to think for themselves, and asked many questions, and gave little answers.

That’s not the only thing that was different between the two the way people lived in each city-state was different some examples; the man in Sparta were full time soldiers, so they spent their days training. Unlike men in Athens who spend their days working and trading. Spartan men trained all day. In the evening though, he goes home to eat dinner with his family, but after that he returns to the barracks and lives with other soldiers there.

In a Spartan family the wife is about seven years younger than her husband. Their boys are in military training.

The men will get the right to vote when he turns thirty. He can help elect representatives and vote on laws. After he turns sixty he can be elected into the council of elders…and serve for life!

The Spartans had the strongest army in Greece, and thought that anything besides training to be a soldier was worthless… (Really!!) Here’s the down side. (There’s always a down side to all things), the men didn’t have much of a choice, they had to be a soldier, and own a farm.

In the end I would live in Athens!


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