Happy New Year!

I would like to wish you all a happy New Year!

Boy, did this year just fly by! I wonder what the New Year will bring. I hope you have a wonderful new year!


Fear and Anger.

I have anger problems, and this is what my father told me once, “Mary, anger is one letter away from danger.

Well, I guess anger is dangerous, take it from someone who can’t really forgive and forget, but keeps it all bottled up inside, getting angrier by the year. It makes you rude, always on guard, as in you always have to defend yourself when someone says something about of too you. Live is very hard, in fact I can’t talk to other people! I can’t say hi to people, and when my brother and father or mother say hi to some while walking with me, I get butterflies in my stomach, and lower my head without even thinking it a natural reaction!

The thing I fear is the people being me too me! (Even though I’m pretty mean myself. I don’t try to, I just do it without thinks… like a instinct!)

But fear is something that you tell yourself is scary.That’s what my father told me, its not the meaning from the dictionary. So I have to stop telling my self my biggest fear is other people. Thin it will no long be my fear. That’s just the way it works!

(Your brain learns by repetition).

My answer to the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

So Mary what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I have been asked this all my life! I use to answer; “A vet.”

But now I answer; “I don’t now. Maybe a technician, or an engineer, or a scientist!”

I learned more about myself. My Holland Code, my values, and what careers go with them! So I still don’t know the answer to that question, but I will soon…I hope. 

(P.S I never understood the purpose of asking that question, could some one explain it to me? Please.)

My Joy during Christmas.

To some its the presents, others its the parties, lights.

But for me its being with the people that love and care about me.

(I’m writing this on Christmas day. During the Heat vs. Clavs game. Heat win!!)

Anyway back to the main topic.

This was maybe my best Christmas… until a better one comes along. Not because of the present I got. (I really don’t celebrate Christmas… and didn’t get a present, like every year.) But it was still great we had a Christmas brunch with my family and two friends. (My old neighbor, and a nice lady my mom and I help).

In the end this was the best Christmas for family and friends!

Merry Christmas!

A World where Money doesn’t exist.

A world were money doesn’t exist…I know that sound horrible, but just hear me out. You might change your minds!

Why do people steal food?

Because the can’t BUY food.(As in with money).

Why do people steal… anything?

Because the need it or want it but… don’t… have… the…MONEY!!!!😒

So imagine a world were no one had ever heard of seen money, as in money was never invented!  People just take what they need and just walk out, no lines no payments nothing just in get what’s needed and out… simple. No need for robberies. We could help the people in Africa, you know places that need a little helping hand. Just get on the airplane, or boat, bring what the people need there that’s all you need to do no money handling, bills… nothing.

Now, grownups what is you biggest worry? Paying bills, mortgage, everyday expenses, your child’s collage education?

Well, what is the same about all those things? Money!!!!

…I rest my case.

Thoughts about Life. Civil War.

Civil war…gives me the shivers just thinking about it! Americans fighting Americans? Come on!! Well, that what I am going to be talking about…The American Civil War.

The fighting began in April of 1861, when the battle of fort Sumter in South Carolina. The confederate wanted to control this fort…because…well South Carolina is a confederate state. The South won the battle, and the war began.

The North lost lots of battle at the beginning, for example the battle at Bull Run. Oh, and people would sit on a near hill…and watch the fighting! (Crazy!!!) The reason why the North was losing is believed to be that the South had Robert E. Lee. But the North found an answer to him.

Ulysses S. Grant!! The battle in Shiloh, Tennessee had around 3,400 deaths! Then the Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves in the Southern States! (Slavery ended after the Civil war).

The battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle. 51,000 casualties, and 6,700 people dead! After that it was Sherman’s March to the Sea, he and his troops devastated the state of Georgia! He burned crops, took the food, killed livestock, and wrecking the local infrastructure!

Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 9, 1865. Great!!! Right?

Well, five days later Abraham Lincoln was assassinated!! His killer John Wilkes Booth, a Maryland Actor who was angry about the South’s defeat!! (Anger; another emotion that we must learn to control).